Short-circuit indicator
Type K / KM / KH

The short-circuit indicators type K, KH and KM can be used in radial networks with one input and open-ring networks.
The short-circuit indicators are single units of one sensor with integrated indication. The indicators are mounted on each conductor. The indication is done by a flag indicator. The indicator is divisible and can be retrofitted.
For the operation of the display device no power supply is required.

The short-circuit indicator type K is available in three versions:

Type K: Automatic reset by recovering operating voltage. The indicator must be installed on unscreened cables.
Type KH: Manual reset with a button. The indicator can be mounted on screened and unscreened cables.
Type KM: Automatic reset by recovering operating voltage and manual reset. The indicator must be installed on unscreened cables.

Order Data
Type K | automatic reset 24.10.10
Type KM | automatic + manual reset 24.20.10
Type KH | manual reset 24.30.10

Features and Benefits

One trip current available between 150 A and 1500 A
Flag indication
Reset function
– Type K: automatic
– Type KH: manual
– Type KM: automatic and manual
No power supply required
Very robust and strong
Completely casted and sealed (IP67)


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