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EMG Elektro-Mechanik

We develop, manufacture and sell short circuit indicators, earth fault indicators, voltage indicators and voltage testers for medium voltage networks.

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001.


documents in german language and updates


Many documents are now also available in German language. Feel free to browse the German version of the website to download the German documents. Additionally we updated several datasheets on the english website. The following products have updated documents:

Short-circuit indicator type MF
Earth-fault indicator type EASI
Earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKL
Earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKL8000
Earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKS
Earth-fault and/or short-circuit indicators of the NG-Series

New documents were added for the following products:

Short-circuit indicator type OK
Short-circuit indicators type VE and FA
Voltage indicator type SPA