for HR-Systems

Voltage indicator type CSA: The voltage indicator is used for voltage indication in HR voltage detection systems and is tested and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC 61243-5. If the voltage is present the LED of the indicator plug blinks. For the operation no power supply is required.

Epoxy resin insulator with capacive pick-off: The insulator is used for detecting voltage in medium voltage systems and corresponds in its dimensions to normal insulators.

Connection wire: To connect the insulator or bushing with the voltage module type WM, single-core cables type H07V-U according to EN 50525-2-31:2011 (VDE 0285-525-2-31) are available. The connection cables are equipped with a flat plug 6.3 x 0.8 mm and a rubber seal on one side and with a 4 mm diameter plug on the other side.

Order Data
Voltage indicator type CSA | for HR-Systems 35.20.10
Capacitive insulator | 10 kV 37.30.10
Capacitive insulator | 20 kV 37.30.11
Connection cable | customized on request


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