Short-circuit indicators

Type VE and Type FA

These short-circuit indicators can be used in radial networks with one input and open-ring networks. The indication of a short-circuit is done by one flag for each phase. The connection between the sensors and the display unit is done by cable. The sensor must be mounted on screened cables. The sensors are divisible and can be retrofitted. For the operation of the display device no power supply is required. The energy required to indicate the short-circuit is directly obtained from the sensors on the cable.
The indicator type VE has a manual reset button. The indicator type FA is gaining energy of the monitored network by a fourth sensor for an automatic reset. (6A service current required).

The short-circuit indicators type VE and FA consist of:

– One display unit for displaying short-circuits
– Three sensors type SK (page ??) for detecting short-circuits
– One additional reset sensor for resetting the display unit (type FA only)

Order Data
Type VE (manual reset) | panel-mounted 14.10.10
Type VE (manual reset) | surface-mounted 14.20.10
Type FA (automatic reset) | surface-mounted 17.30.10

Features and Benefits

One trip current available between 400 A and 1500 A
- Optional: seven trip currents
Flag indication
Reset function:
- Type VE: manual reset
- Type FA: automatic reset
No power supply required
Contacts for remote monitoring
Surface-mounted and panel-mounted housing (type VE only) available
Optional blinking unit type BL4.2 for outdoor indication


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