System specific sensors
for Short-circuit

This sensors are used for short-circuit detection. These sensors are designed according the specifi cations of company-specifi c switchgears. The connection between the sensor and the display unit is done by copper cable. Depending on the specifi cations, the sensor is normally mounted on the bushing.

Order Data
Manufacturer Type Dimension Order number
ABB Safering, Saferplus,
RGC, Cable length: 3.5 m
slide-in sensor 12.80.11
ABB Safering, Saferplus,
RGC, Cable length:
0.9 /1.0 /1.1 m
slide-in sensor 12.80.12
Eaton XIRIA diameter: 70mm 12.81.11
Eaton SVS diameter: 44mm 12.81.12
Areva GMA, GLA, FBA diameter: 92mm 12.82.11
Areva FBX slide-in sensor 12.82.12
Siemens 8DJ, 8DH, SIMOSEC diameter: 95mm 12.83.11
Driescher Minex slide-in sensor 12.84.11
Schneider Electric RM6 diameter: 80mm 12.85.11
Ormazabal GA, GE 96x96mm 12.86.11

Features and Benefits

Connection to display unit by copper cable
Specially designed for company-specific switchgears
Trip current is selected at the display unit


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